Cannabis Business Minds Welcomes Jen Flanagan as Guest Expert and Host

Since 2016, Cannabis Business Minds has been helping cannabis entrepreneurs navigate some of the major hurdles of starting their career or entrepreneurial journey in cannabis and hemp.

We are passionate about bringing you valuable tips and insight in each podcast episode of CBM, and are dedicated to helping you grow your business and stay ahead of the competition. 

With an ever changing environment, we realized that it is important to get different experts on Cannabis Business Minds, and we are excited to announce that Jen Flanagan, is one of our Guest Experts on Cannabis Business Minds.  

Introducing Jen Flanagan, Our Guest Host

We are excited to announce that Jen Flanagan will be joining us as a guest host for a four-part series.

Jen Flanagan is currently the director of regulatory policy for Vicente LLP (formerly Vicente Sederberg LLP).  Jen has a ton of regulatory experience, and previously held a distinguished position as one of the inaugural commissioners on the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. In 2017, Governor Charlie Baker appointed her to this role, where she was responsible for overseeing the administration of the laws governing the use of medical and adult-use cannabis in the Commonwealth. In her capacity as the public health appointee to the Commission, Commissioner Flanagan played a crucial role in developing, implementing, and enforcing the regulations that governed the emerging cannabis industry in Massachusetts.

Prior to her appointment to the Commission, Jen Flanagan served for over 13 years in the Massachusetts General Court, where she held various roles, including four terms as the State Senator for the Worcester and Middlesex District and two terms as the State Representative for the 4th Worcester District.

During her time as a host, Jen will be interviewing experts in the areas of hemp and CBD, compliance, licensing, regulations, and banking. Our guests include Casey Leaver, Brian Vicente, Sahar Ayinehsazian, and Shawn Hauser – all of whom are renowned in their respective fields.

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