Take the Profit Assessment

Where energy goes, results go.

The more you start focusing on your business today, the sooner you will start seeing financial results that can help you increase your profits, cash flow, and pay yourself more.

And just to be clear, analyzing your cash flow and making smart financial decisions doesn’t take a lot of time and doesn’t require a lot of crazy math. In less than a few hours a month, you’ll be able to see some amazing results.

Here are 3 Actionable steps you can take today, to start getting clear on your financials.

1) Do an audit of your money management last month.

Carve out 60 minutes in your day to assess your money management over these past 30 days.

Have you been invoicing and paying your bills on time?

Have you been sticking to your budget?

Have you been actively focused on building your wealth?

Where have you been excelling and where have you been struggling?

2) Analyze your monthly cash flow position

The money rule you must live by is are your inflows greater than your outflows?

This quick equation can tell you if you’re in a financial surplus or deficit.

Analyze your cash flow position for the last month and see if it’s aligned with where you should be in business.

3) Commit to 1

What micro money habit can you commit to for the next 30 days to help improve your finances?

Is it cutting your spending in a certain category?

Is it allocating more profits to pay yourself?

Is it getting your books in order?

I challenge you to commit to one actionable activity that you can do to help your money management. It’s liberating to set a financial plan and watch what can happen with a little focus and dedication!

Ready to take action and make more money in your business? Head over to the Cannabis Business Minds website to learn more about how we can help you reach your business goals.

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