How to Make the Jump Into Entrepreneurship

A few years ago, my world was very different. I was working a corporate consulting job, climbing the ladder, building my 401K, and living what to many seemed to like the dream life.

My career took me all over the world – from Singapore and New Zealand to Guatemala, Argentina, and Brazil.

I was able to work with exciting clients and solve real problems.

But, even though I had the dream job, it wasn’t my dream career. 

I felt burdened by clocking in all of the time and realizing that time was the thing that mattered the most in the corporate world.

How much time did I put in? How much time did I bill my client? How much time was I worth.

As a fast worker, I also was able to finish my tasks quickly and wait for the 5pm time to roll around so I could “clock out.” Definitely not the long life I was dreaming for. 

I knew a little about entrepreneurship but didn’t know what it would take to be my own boss or even what I would offer. 

I knew that taking the leap to entrepreneurship would be a risk.

From facts on startup success to some of the uphill battles women entrepreneurs could face when they start their own business, I knew taking the jump would be a risk. No guaranteed pay. No secured retirement plan.

Who would contribute to my 401k? 

How would I make enough money to support myself? 

How could I land clients in a new industry when I had never run my own practice or business?

How would I find clients?

How would clients trust me?

How would I stand out from the sea of competitors?

How could I avoid trading my time for money as I did in my corporate job?  

Even though I had self-doubt, I knew that there was an opportunity too big to ignore. That little voice of “You got this, girl.” continued to chirp in day after day.

So I decided to take the risky route, and quit my job

So many things were running through my mind.

Was this the right decision? 

Did I have what it takes to run my own business?

Would I be successful? 

I knew I had a few months before I needed to land clients, but I also knew that I had a lot of work to do.  So I rolled up my sleeves, and I got started. 

I started with market research.  

I made sure there was a market fit for my skills. 

I learned everything I could about entrepreneurship.

I decided to focus on one niche industry.

I learned everything I could about sales.

I talked with other industry leaders and learned about the ecosystem.

I learned about the different sales strategies that were out there. I learned what worked in the, and what didn’t work.

I learned about the importance of marketing and how to position yourself the right way. 

I knew that it was time to start.

And so there I was, ready to help as many entrepreneurs as possible build a profitable business, embrace their numbers, and have the tools to build a successful business.

And you know what I realized? 

I had the technical skills necessary to help clients and all I needed was a strategy to reach them and help them.

I didn’t have to be a genius in sales or marketing to achieve the results I wanted.

I needed a plan to know how what I was offering, who I was selling to, and what my sales and financial goals were.  

And, one of the most important things I realized, that I actually needed to put one foot ahead of the other and actually start.  

In my first two years of building my own freelance business, I landed big clients.

I charged rates that help me build the lifestyle that I want.  

I delivered great results for my clients. 

I got media recognition. 

I built over six figures my first year. 

And, the best part, I made an impact on many entrepreneurs’ lives.

I was able to achieve great results because I got out of my own way, focused on delivering great results for clients, and focused on building business systems to help me manage and automate my business.  

So if you’re thinking about making the jump from corporate to entrepreneurship, there is a huge market opportunity for you to become an entrepreneur.

The world is rapidly changing with new business industries and problems evolving quickly.

If you’re getting excited about making the jump into entrepreneurship too, make sure that you check out the Business Checklist which gives you tips and techniques to starting and running a profitable business.

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