Cannabis Insurance 101

“Big misconception is that you need multiple brokers to create transparency and get multiple quotes. This is not the case and invoking many brokers most times make it more challenging for the insured.”

Eric Schneider, Co-founder of AlphaRoot

In this episode, we uncover the nuances and myths in insuring cannabis-related businesses with Eric Schneider, co-founder of AlphaRoot – a full service insurance brokerage that focuses exclusively in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD space. Some major highlights:

  • Different kinds of insurance coverages and what makes the most sense for your business
  • Challenges in cannabis insurance
  • How the AlphaRoot app enhances the customer experience
  • Disruption and the effects of compliance and regulation (THC, delta-8, CBD)
  • Validation process, cultivating trust and transparency between insurance carrier and insurer
  • How businesses should budget for an insurance and when to insure a cannabis startup
  • Cannabis sales and the current scene in New York
  • Eric’s advice to someone starting in the cannabis industry

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