7 Things to Change the Way You Show Up in Business

There’s a lot to running a business, being a new mom, and keeping a positive mindset when it comes to the pandemic. I started focusing on these 7 things that have fundamentally shifted the way that I show up each day, and have had positive impacts on my business.

1. Morning Routine

As tempting as it is to wake up, go straight for that coffee, hit the Instagram account, and then get to the emails… I made an effort to make a morning routine that was digitally free and focused on me.  

Every day I set aside at least 5 minutes each day to have time for myself. No Instagram or phone – just myself and my thoughts. 

2. 16oz of H20 Baby  

Before I drink my coffee, I drink 16 oz of water. This is part of my morning routine.

If you don’t stay hydrated, your physical and mental performance can suffer.

Drinking my H20 (which is much more of a chug) gives my body the reset it needs and gives me an incredible boost of energy that lasts throughout the day.  

Plus, by committing to the 16oz in the am, I’m much closer to reaching my 3 Liters a day water goal.

3. Minimum 7,500 Steps  

We are meant to move our bodies throughout the day. A sedentary lifestyle is worse than smoking and leaves stagnant energy just sitting in your body.

I work at my computer, and it’s easy to hop into working and stare at that screen for way too long.

I remember some days a few years ago that I would look at my step count and it would be a dismal 1,500 steps. 

By adopting a minimum of 7,500 steps, I make sure that get out for a walk, have fresh air, and clear my mind. My walks are some of the most creative moments that I have throughout the idea. 

4. Limit the Negativity  

Limiting and negative beliefs do one thing for us, make us depressed and anxious. They don’t help us get to our goals.

It’s easy to get sucked up in the news cycle, fear, the pandemic, drama, and… yes fear.

In the last two years, I’ve made a concerted effort to avoid the news, limit myself from toxic people, and check myself when I have negative or limiting beliefs.

5. Honesty With Myself  

Self-work is a lifelong process and starts when you become honest with and aware of yourself.

Self-growth starts with a hard look at yourself – the positive, the areas for growth, and the areas that require some real work.

The moment I started being honest with myself, realizing areas that I want to improve, and focusing on where I can show up better, is when I was able to start the actual work.

6. Pen to Paper

We think more than 60,000 thoughts a day. If we don’t have an outlet to get our thoughts out, it can lead to a lot of chaos within.

I started journaling years ago, and it has led me to amazing business ideas, creative thoughts, and my decision-making.

A journal is a great way to set the tone of your day, write about your goals, dreams, feelings, and observations.

As tempting as this could be to write about your daily to-do list, I try to make sure I keep it creative and positive.  

7. Realizing that I can’t get it done alone  

I’ve always taken the independent view and valued being able to accomplish things on my own. I was the person to help others and never ask for help. And I was proud of that.

But over the years, I’ve realized that is a lot of bullshit. 

We are not meant to do things alone. We are not meant to deal with things that are hard, scary, and difficult alone.

It’s hard to ask for help. But by becoming more vulnerable, I was able to build stronger relationships and get more stuff done.  

8. Evening Routine

Before I go to bed, I think about all of the people in my life that I’m grateful for. Before I can get through the list, I’m fast asleep.  

Gratitude is proven to shift your mental health in a positive way.

Giving gratitude can be as small as thinking of what you’re grateful for – from your family to the water you are able to drink in the morning.

Gratitude puts things in perspective and is a good way to reset the day.

I want to show up every day fulfilled, content, making actions to reach my dreams while maintaining my health and wellness, avoiding burnout, and of course, enjoying the moment. This doesn’t happen overnight, it happens with discipline, focus, and showing up each day. 

If you’re just starting out and want to make a shift in your life, think about one of these 7 things that you can adopt today.

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