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Cannabis Business Minds

Thank you for listening to Cannabis Business Minds. This show is produced to provide our listeners with valuable information on the cannabis industry. 

Mar 12, 2018

On this episode of cannabis business minds, we talk with cannabis Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Direct Cannabis Network, Adelia Carrillo about entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry.

Direct Cannabis Network is the leading digital B2B news networking highlighting the latest tech, entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the cannabis industry.

Adelia is a voice for the upcoming startups and uniting the cannabis business community. Adelia's roots are in the corporate and consumer electronics industry. Adelia's passion for technology, startups, and innovation has been a key strength in her transition into the cannabis space. 

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and meditation. She is engaged to Ali Fakhri, a serial entrepreneur who is also in the cannabis industry. They currently reside in San Diego, California.

For more information on Adelia Carrillo or Direct Cannabis Network, you can visit.
Twitter/Instagram: @_dcnetwork_ / @missadelia